Suzuki Suzuki manufactures legendary motorcycles such as the GSX-R, championship winning RM-Z motocross bikes, agile scooters, and revolutionary ATVs.www.suzukicycles.com
M4 - M4 Performance Exhaust designs and manufactures high quality exhaust systems for all popular sport bikes. They create full systems and slip-ons that are dyno-tuned with precision for optimal performance and sound. www.m4exhaust.com
ARAI - Arai helmets work for our riders, delivering unmatched fit, comfort and protection. Arai will work for you. www.araiamericas.com
Lucas Oil Lucas Oil Products - Lucas High-Performance Motorcycle Oils are the result of technology gained through years of blending motor oils and gear oils for the racing, industrial and agricultural industries. Lucas offers a full line of motorcycle oils that far exceed all OEM specifications for the motorcycle and ATV industry. Lucas Motorcycle Oil will lower oil temperature, extend the life of your vital components, reduce noise, reduce leaks and increase performance. www.lucasoil.com
Sportbike Track Gear STG - SportbikeTrackGear.com is The Premier Provider for all your Sportbike needs. From protective gear to performance parts STG offers over 1,000 product video reviews to help you with your next purchase. Professional, expert staff ready to assist you in the showroom, over the phone or via email 6 days a week. www.sportbiketrackgear.com
Hotbodies HOTBODIES - All the team's lightweight bodywork and windscreens are supplied by Hotbodies, which has become a leader in delivering sportbike bodywork at exceptional value. www.hotbodiesracing.com
Dynojet Dynojet - Team Hammer utilizes a Dynojet Dynomometer and add-on tuning modules at the race shop to optimize performance, and leverages their easy-to-use software at the racetrack to make fast adjustments of the engine management system.www.dynojet.com
Shorai Shorai - Shorai LFX batteries deliver more energy faster, with less weight and with less wear on the battery per start cycle than any other brand or technology available on the market today. shoraipower.com
GALFER USA - Team Hammer trusts all of our braking components to Galfer USA. www.galferusa.com
Team Hammer Advanced Riding School - In 1990 Team Hammer founded the Team Suzuki Endurance Advanced Riding School. Over 20 years later the school is still teaching riders how to go fast with skill. www.teamhammer.com/school
RoadRacingWorld.com - Roadracing World is THE authority on motorcycle road racing with regional, national and international coverage from WERA to the AMA to Moto GP. www.roadracingworld.com
Vortex VORTEX - The team uses Vortex sprockets, rear sets, fairing brackets and handlebars. Vortex uses Team M4 Suzuki to develop better products for you. www.vortexracing.com
Vortex GB Racing - Team Hammer utilizes World-class GB Racing components to protect our Suzuki motorcycles. www.orientexpress.com
Chicken Hawk Pilot - Pilot outfits our crew and riders with comfortable eye-catching paddock apparel.www.pilotmotorsport.com
RS Taichi RS Taichi - RS TAICHI has been developing racing leather suits and apparel for over 35 years, with the head office based in Osaka, Japan. Their number 1 priority is to provide the safest, most comfortable and absolutely best quality products. www.rstaichiusa.com
Alpinestars Alpinestars - The passion that fueled Alpinestar origins continues today and has helped the company grow into the premier technical motorcycle safety company in the industry. Racing is as much a philosophy as a way of life at Alpinestars and this is reflected in the uncompromising demands they place on every product they develop. www.alpinestars.com
Chicken Hawk Chickenhawk Racing - Team Hammer entrusts their warmup lap to Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers. They are designed, built and serviced in house in the USA.www.chickenhawkracing.com
Pit Bull Pit Bull - Pit Bull motorcycle paddock and transport stands are designed and manufactured near the Team Hammer Race Shop in Alabama. www.pit-bull.com