Scott Crawford - Superbike Electronics and Data Acquisition

Another racer turned tuner, Scott Crawford took mechanical engineering courses in college before he became a dealership mechanic in 1993 and started road racing in 1996. A variety of successes in CMRA and WERA endurance and sprint races ended with an ankle injury that led Crawford to start his own motorcycle service and performance tuning shop in Fort Worth, Texas.

Crawford has worked with Chris Ulrich since joining the team in 2007. In 2015 he will handle Superbike Electronics and Data Acquisition on Chris Ulrich's GEICO Suzuki GSX-R1000 Superbike.

Personal Stats

Born: 1973

Personal Status: Single

Original Hometown: Wiesbaden, Germany

Now Living In: Fort Worth, Texas

First Job As Motorcycle Mechanic: 1993

First Job As Race Mechanic: 1996

Started With Team Hammer: 2007

2015 Rider: Chris Ulrich