Advanced Riding School Course

Subjects Covered

  • Riding Technique
  • Bike set-up

What does it cost?

  • Pre-Entry Tuition: Team Hammer Advanced Riding School $400 Pre-Entry Tuition, Team Hammer Advanced Riding School. Team Hammer Event T-Shirt (delivered at trackside) included.

Special Features

  • Suitable-for-framing diploma signed by Michael Martin
  • School qualifies you for WERA, CCS or CMRA racing license
  • A weekend event ticket is included (Non-Racers)

What to do when you arrive at the racetrack

  • Go to Team Hammer registration window or table. Show driver’s license or other picture I.D., sign necessary forms as instructed, pick up tech inspection form.
  • Take your bike and tech inspection form to Team Hammer tech inspection area. Give your tech inspection form to chief tech inspector. Leave your bike with the chief tech inspector.
  • Proceed to seminar area in time for 7:30 a.m. rider’s meeting. Follow staff instructions.
  • After riders’ meeting and first seminar, retrieve bike from tech inspection area. Follow staff instructions to pit exit area. Stop at pit exit area and wait for staff instructions.
  • Have Fun!
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October 19, 2023 Schedule

Daytona International Speedway
Subject to Change

8:00-8:2020 MinutesLightweight/Bagger Practice
8:20-8:4020 MinutesMiddleweight & Daytona 200 Spec Practice
8:40-9:0020 MinutesOpen Practice
9:00-9:2020 MinutesSchool, Licensed Racers
9:20-9:4020 MinutesSchool, Non-Racer
9:40-10:0020 MinutesLightweight/Bagger Practice
10:00-10:2020 MinutesMiddleweight & Daytona 200 Spec Practice
10:20-10:4020 MinutesOpen Practice
10:40-11:0020 MinutesSchool, Licensed Racers
11:00-11:2020 MinutesSchool, Non-Racer
11:20-11:4020 MinutesLightweight/Bagger Practice
11:40-12:0020 MinutesMiddleweight & Daytona 200 Spec Practice
12:00-1:0060 minutesLunch Break
1:00-1:2020 MinutesOpen Practice
1:20-1:4020 MinutesSchool, Licensed Racers
1:40-2:00 20 MinutesSchool, Non-Racer
2:00-2:2020 MinutesLightweight/Bagger Practice
2:20-2:4020 MinutesMiddleweight & Daytona 200 Spec Practice
2:40-3:00 20 MinutesOpen Practice
3:00-3:2020 MinutesSchool, Licensed Racers
3:20-3:4020 MinutesSchool, Non-Racer
3:40-4:0020 MinutesLightweight/Bagger Practice
4:00-4:2020 MinutesMiddleweight & Daytona 200 Spec Practice
4:20-4:4020 MinutesOpen Practice
4:40-5:0020 MinutesSchool, Combined
5:00Return to Classroom - School Completion Certificates Awarded
5:00 Day Over