Team Hammer Pro Practice

Team Hammer Pro Practice is for licensed racers only, racing in the following weekend’s event.

What does it cost?

Pro Practice is $300 for the day. If you have two motorcycles and wish to participate in a second Practice session, you may do so for an added $100, for a total of $400. Be sure to list both motorcycle models on your registration form.

How to Register

Go to the registration page and complete all required forms.

October 14, 2021 Schedule

Daytona International Speedway
Subject to Change

8:00-8:2020A-Lightweight Practice
8:20-8:4020B-600 Practice
8:40-9:0020C-Open Practice
9:00-9:3020Non-Racer School
9:30-9:5020Racer School
9:50-10:1525A-Lightweight Practice
10:15-10:4025B-600 Practice
10:40-11:0525C-Open Practice
11:05-11:3025Non-Racer School
11:30-11:5525Racer School
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:2020A-Lightweight Practice
1:20-1:4020B-600 Practice
1:40-2:0020C-Open Practice
2:00-2:2020Non-Racer School
2:20-2:40 20Racer School
2:40-3:0525A-Lightweight Practice
3:05-3:3025B-600 Practice
3:30-3:55 25C-Open Practice
3:55-4:2525Non-Racer School
4:25-4:5025Racer School
4:50-5:00Return to Classroom - School Completion Certificates Awarded
5:00 Day Over