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Daggett Returns To Team Valvoline EMGO Suzuki As Chief Mechanic For Chris Ulrich

By March 18, 2002April 26th, 20212002 News

Jerry Daggett has agreed to return to Team Vavoline EMGO Suzuki as the full-time chief mechanic for Chris Ulrich for the remainder of the 2002 season and for 2003 and beyond.

Daggett got his start as a professional road racing mechanic with the team a decade ago, working out of the team’s Athens, Alabama race shop. He has since worked for Graves Yamaha and Yoshimura Suzuki, in California.

But Daggett has long wished to return to Alabama, and decided to make the move now that an opportunity has opened up with the team’s decision to replace Ulrich’s part-time mechanic with a full-time crew member.

“I’m excited to be going home to Alabama, to be getting back with my original team and to be working with Chris Ulrich,” said Daggett. “I’ve known Chris since he was a kid and I’ve watched him progress as an up-and-coming professional racer. I really feel he’s earned his spot on the team and I think I can make a difference in his program. I’m going to work 110 percent just like I have with the other riders I’ve worked with, and I look forward to seeing the #18 in the winner’s circle.”