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Kipp Starts On Spare Bike, On Cold Tires, Finishes 6th In Supersport At Pikes Peak

By June 2, 2002April 26th, 20212002 News

A problem on the sighting and warm-up laps saw Tom Kipp jump on his back-up bike and start the Supersport race at Pikes Peak on cold tires and with a different set-up than on his primary bike.

Kipp discovered that his bike’s clutch was slipping on the sighting lap, came in for a clutch adjustment, then found on the warm-up lap that the clutch was still slipping. He came in again, jumped on his warm-up bike, and made it to his spot on the second row of the grid in time for the start.

Kipp ran in around 10th for most of the race and then moved up late in the race to finish a frustrated sixth, certain that a trouble-free start on his primary bike would have seen him racing for the lead.

Kipp is now 5th in Supersport Points after 5 of 10 races.