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Ulrich’s Tough Superstock Race At Fontana: 37th To 19th After Being Rammed Off The Track On Lap One

By April 5, 2003April 26th, 20212003 News

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Team Valvoline EMGO Suzuki’s Chris Ulrich had a tough time in the AMA Superstock race at Fontana Saturday afternoon.

He was rammed by another rider in the third turn on the first lap, barely escaped crashing, and ran way, way off the track. By the time he regained the pavement, he was 37th, dead last.

Ulrich charged back up through the field, moving from 37th to 19th before the 17-lap race was red-flagged with two laps to go when his teammate, Matt Furtek crashed due to a steering damper failure, his bike spinning on its side down the track.

Ulrich’s lap times were comparable to those turned during the race by the top five riders.

“This guy just came flying in there on the inside and plowed into me and about four other guys. One guy crashed and three of us ran off the track. I had the worst angle of attack to get back on the track and couldn’t even see anybody when I first got going again. I just told myself to calm down, put my head down, and started chasing after them.

“Hey, we got some points and we’ll just have to go to the next race,” said a frustrated Ulrich.