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By July 11, 2014April 27th, 20212014 News

Two-time AMA Pro race winner Chris Ulrich is stepping up to run the GEICO Motorcycle U.S. Round of the Superbike World Championship.

The GEICO Motorcycle Honda Superbike rider is facing a big challenge at Laguna Seca, but he isn’t doing it alone.

In addition to his usual partners, Ulrich has added a pair of sponsors to back his wild card World Superbike entry this weekend.

RaceFuelZ and RickDiculous Racing will be supporting Ulrich in Monterey.

RaceFuelZ is a track tested, cutting edge beverage formulated to maximize endurance and performance.

RickDiculous Racing (RDR) is a proud new member of the motorcycle coaching and race communities. RDR joins the effort for the rest of the season, as well.

“When the chance to race with World Superbike came up, it brought with it some commercial opportunities for the team,” said Chris Ulrich. “I’ve known the RickDiculous guys from a couple private test days we did with them. They run very high-end, exclusive track days and it was a perfect fit for this. We’ve gotten some really great track time at their events, which we really enjoyed. I dig what they do, too — offering really good instruction along with very light track density. We’re happy to be representing them here and for the rest of the season.

“RaceFuelZ (founder) Michael Aron helped us out quite a bit with the Superbike Shootout race series earlier this year and this was an opportunity to get them some extra exposure ” Ulrich commented. “They fit in well with GEICO and our excellent partners like M4,, Arai, and all our other sponsors.”