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Barry McMahan Signs On As Tray Batey’s Mechanic

By April 6, 1998April 26th, 20211998 News

Barry McMahan has replaced Jerry Daggett as Tray Batey’s Team Valvoline EMGO Suzuki mechanic. McMahan’s first race with Batey was an AMA event at Laguna Seca April 17-19, where Batey finished third in Formula Xtreme on his GSRX750. McMahan stepped in on short notice and reported to the team’s Athens, Alabama race shop on April 6 for a crash course in the care and feeding of an 840cc Formula USA GSXR750, following the release of Jerry Daggett from his contract. Daggett requested the release to accept a job working in the racing department of a tire manufacturer. Tire company representatives told Daggett that his official assignment to the new job was a mere formality, and Daggett made arrangements to move to Buffalo, New York to accept the position and then travel to Laguna Seca as a tire company representative. Then, at the last minute, the tire company spokesmen Daggett was dealing with backed out of the deal, leaving Daggett stranded. All of which makes Team Valvoline EMGO Suzuki glad it’s not associated with the tire company in question.